Thursday, January 24, 2013

Short & Sweet, Or The Most Expensive Half Marathon Ever

Last weekend I made a very quick little trip down the the Phoenix/Tempe area for the Arizona Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. At least, I originally intended to do the full marathon, but a case of the sickies during the week leading up to the event made me change my mind (and entry) to doing the half instead. I still wasn't feeling great on race morning---in fact, even now I'm battling some lingering effects of the illness---so I decided to take it out conservatively then try to push around Mile 8 if I was feeling up to it and see if I could pull off a negative split effort. The weather was great, the sunshine was divine, it was wonderful to escape the nasty cold & dirty air of the Wasatch Front for 29 hours---and I accomplished the negative split! So even though it wasn't a particularly blazing fast time I'm still pleased with the effort and feel like it was worth the trip.

In other news, REV3 Florida was recently broadcast on TV. If you missed it, you can view the whole thing below. So grab your popcorn, sit back, relax & enjoy!


Bre said...

Nice work on running the half despite the sickies! Tempe is beautiful- I ran a half there in Nov, and loved the course.
Thanks for the link for the Rev3- I had no idea it was on TV, this will be perfect for killing some time on the trainer!

Anonymous said...

You did great in Tempe!!!!!! It was great meeting you.... Very motivating and inspiring