Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back From The Dead

Greetings from the long-lost triathlete! It's been a long and wild summer, and today it is snowing. Looks like we skipped over that while "autumn" season.

My apologies for being a complete sloth with regards to this blog. It's been almost 4 months (!!!) and no word from me. I took some time off after the Ironman to do some grown-up things, like buy a house. Albert and I closed on a lovely brick bungalow in Ogden two days after the Iron-experience, then from there we had a slew of friends and family come from out of state to visit. To make things even more exciting we decided to adopt a second dog, Suzzie the German Shepherd. Then Albert started school, and I've been busy adjusting to being a homeowner and commuting to work in Salt Lake 5 days a week. Oh yes, and figuring out how to maintain my training regimen within all of this. Never a dull moment, as my mother would say!

I've done a smattering of races since the Ironman, including a few running events and two triathlons. Other than winning my first 5K ever (and finishing ahead of Albert in the process!) the running events have just been run-of-the-mill for me. I'm still struggling with some lingering issues in my left leg so training in that department has been sub-par. Swimming and biking have been going pretty well, on the other hand, and it shows. I put together two solid performances at the Kokopelli Triathlon in St. George (Olympic Distance) and the other weekend in the 70.3 Austin. I just wish I had the run to back up my swim and bike going into the World Champs in Clearwater in a couple of weeks!

Next post: some pictures illustrating what I've been up to in the past few months!