Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pics From Memphis

Just a few shots from Memphis last weekend. Race updates from Tempe and Memphis coming soon!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Triathlon Clinics

I've been a busy bee with various triathlon clinics this spring. The first one was through Utah Masters Swimming and the focus was Open Water Swimming Skills and Drills. The idea was to take triathletes through various pool exercises that you can practice to become a better open water swimmer. In Salt Lake there is a severe lack of convenient open water swimming venues so we must do what we can until the weather warms up. It was a great clinic with FANTASTIC coaching talent. The overall numbers were lower than I expected but it was fun and everyone learned a lot.
A big thanks goes out to our sponsors...PowerBar, Rudy Project, Trigger Point Therapy, Pool 'n' Patio, Wasatch Running Center, and Poco Loco for their support.

The second clinic was through the Desert Sharks Triathlon Club and I was a guest coach. Again, the focus was on swimming and open water techniques. I got to work with one of my favorite people, Brad Gale, who manages Pool 'n' Patio in Salt Lake (the BEST place to go for swimming and triathlon gear in Utah). We had a lot of fun taking the intermediate/advanced group through some swimming drills then analyzing videos of each swimmer's stroke.

The most recent clinic was this past weekend and was the second in the series supported by Utah Masters Swimming. It was divided into three parts: Nutrition, Transitions, and Mental Toughness. My friend and swimming buddy Barb Sherwood, R.D. presented information about nutrition as it relates to endurance athletes. Melinda Houston, a sports psychologist from the University of Utah did a segment on the importance of mental strength in sports. Then I got on my soapbox and taught the group about transitioning. We set up a mini course in the side parking lot with bike racks and all (courtesy of Wasatch Area Race Productions) and had them run through a 50 yard swim, 2 lap bike, and 1 lap run course with the focus on setting up a good transition and moving quickly from one discipline to the next. It was a booming success despite---despite a torrential downpour all day! Thanks to Barb, Melinda, Brad, Keena, Andrew, Rob, and Kevin for the help in making it a success. And a thanks goes out to our sponsors: PowerBar, Biker's Edge, Pool 'n' Patio, Wasatch Running Center, Trigger Point Therapy, and Poco Loco for their support.

I will try to scrounge up some good photos from these clinics and post them soon.

Now I can turn my attention from clinics!!! This weekend I'll be taking a little trip to AZ for the Tempe SheRox Triathlon on Saturday. It's part of the Danskin/SheRox all-womens race series and should be a great event. I've raced in the area before and since it's a sprint distance it should be a good chance to blow out the cobwebs. The following weekend I'll be heading to Tennessee for the Memphis in May Triathlon. This race is always a blast with its unique time trial start and great post-race BBQ. The triathlon crowd in Memphis is really enthusiastic and I'm looking forward to hanging out with the Terrapins again!

Salt Lake Marathon Weekend

This update has been a long time coming, but I swear the time has just been flying by! I can't believe it's already been over three weeks since the Salt Lake City Marathon. I have to give first kudos to Albert who cracked the 2:40 barrier for the first time and landed in 8th place with a 2:39:54. Excellent work! The next round of congrats go to my client Shay who knocked 10 minutes off her best time and made her Boston qualifier in the process. I was worried about her because I biked backwards over the course to find her and when I did I figured she was going to miss the time standard by about 10 minutes...BUT it turns out she was still on the Trax at the start of the race and didn't even cross the start line until 10 minutes after! Thank goodness for timing chips. My friend Alex Tomas certainly has some cheers coming his way since he won the half marathon in style with a 1:06 and change...smoking fast! And the England/Kimball clan gets a shout out for completing the half marathon under their goal time and beating Albert by a hair in the process. Very well done. My own race was decent, not a best time but in the ballpark and I ran a smart race. My personal victory is that my first mile was not my fastest mile (despite the downhill) while my final mile was one of the fastest splits. Woohoo! Maybe I'm starting to get the hang of this running gig.