Monday, November 7, 2011

Pics From ITU Long Distance Worlds---5th Place!

Here are a couple of official snaps from the International Triathlon Union Long Distance World Championships last weekend in Henderson, Nevada. The swim was cancelled due to cold water and air temperatures, so it ended up being "just" a 120K (~75 mile) bike ride followed by a 30K (18.64 mile) run. Who would have ever thought that eliminating the swim portion would work in my favor?! But I'm pretty sure it did, and all the hard work I've put into cycling and running this year really paid off. The highlight statistic for me was clocking the 5th fastest run of the day, averaging 6:53 per mile (which is right at 3 hours for a marathon). Woohoo! I can play with the big girls now!

Speaking of playing with the big girls: Meredith Kessler, Amanda Lovato and I combined to win the Elite Women's Team title based on our combined times. Woohoo Team USA!

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