Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This week is a whirlwind! On Friday I'm flying to Indianapolis to spend the weekend with my good friend Betsy whom I've known since kindergarten. She is turning 30, which means we've known each other for 25 years!!! The only people I've known longer than that are my family. If things work out, I'll also get a chance to see my brother, his wife, and my little niece Madelyn. Can't wait!

Training is going well. Monday marked the first official day of my organized running plan for the Phoenix Half Marathon in January. After six weeks of consistent strength training I'm feeling strong and ready to tackle some higher mileage. This is a perfect time of year to run, the leaves are changing and falling on the ground, making a nice soft carpet on the trails. Sherman and I have been thoroughly enjoying our Pipeline runs, and we usually top them off with a rousing game of chuck-it in a nearby schoolyard. He is getting quite good at giving the ball back after fetching it. It's great to have such a food-motivated dog!

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Courtney said...

Hey! Have a great weekend in Indy. The weather is going to be beautiful!

Happy Birthday to Betsy. Turning 30 isn't as bad as I thought.